Friday, January 18, 2013

Wild Women Recite! Poster 2-23

here is the beautiful poster for Wild Women Recite!

Feel free to print and plaster!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feb. 23, Reading at Wild Women Recite!

Announcing the 12th Annual
Wild Women, Recite!

Saturday, February 23, 7:30 p.m.
The River Gallery
184 S. Main St., Independence

Featuring readings of poetry and fiction from award-winning writers

Maren Bradley Anderson
Stephanie Lenox

Doors open at 7:00; program begins at 7:30.

 Book-signing and open-mic will follow the featured performers. No cover. Refreshments served.

For more information, visit the River Gallery website at or contact series coordinator Donna Henderson at 503-510-3789 or

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Maren's 2012 Recap

This year (2012) has been a good year for me as a writer.

I self-published my novel in print, I taught three novel-writing classes, I started an editing business, plus I completed two drafts of one novel and began another. I estimate that I wrote 150,000 words this calendar year alone.

Holy crap, that’s a lot of words.

I’ve made money teaching the classes and editing, but I am also in the black from selling my books, which makes me inordinately happy. It is lots more fun for me to make money selling my book or teaching people how to write their novels than it is making money teaching quasi-resentful freshmen how to write a research paper. Go figure.

I had a reading at WOU which was standing-room only. I have also been invited to be a featured reader at Wild Women Recite! on February 23, 2013,  a yearly reading at a local gallery that is always well-attended by local literati.

I’ve got one novel that I am submitting, one that is being read by an alpha reader, and a nearly-completed manuscript. The books are all in different genres: rural fantasy, straight-up romance, and “monster in the house.” I don’t have plans for my next project, but I am not lacking in ideas, and I’m not afraid of different genres, either.

Like I said, 2012 was a good writing year for me. I think I crossed over into that “serious writer” category; at least, it feels like I did. If I keep it up, someone will surely take notice and offer me a giant pile of money and fame, and Jon Stewart and Brian Williams will arm wrestle over who gets to interview me first. Right? Right?

Here’s to a productive 2013.