Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lame night, good start

daily total: 624
Weekly total: 1,783
LSCTS total: 71,929

I could only manage four pages tonight, but I like the direction the ending is taking. It looks like there will be another "spectacle" at the end...just like in Lysistrata, there will be naked girls and perhaps a "party."

That would be a much better ending than what I have now. Ha!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More on Peace Deal

Daily total: 1,159
Weekly total: 1,159
LSCTS total: 71,305

I just couldn't get myself to write yesterday. At every opportunity that presented itself, I chose to do something else. I guess I just didn't want to write what I thought was next.

Tonight, I took a stab at a different something I didn't want to write. Lo and behold! I came out with a better direction for the end of the book. I don't know if I'll make the 80K mark by Saturday, but I already feel better about the last chapter.


Friday, February 20, 2009

5K!! Hooray!

Daily total: 1,329
Weekly total: 5,031
LSCS total: 70,146

Great day! Not only did I break 5K in one week, but LSCS broke 70K! That means I'm only 10,000 words away from my goal of finishing 80K on this book by March 1.

Let's see, it's 2/20, that means I have eight days to write 10K...that's 1,250 words a day. Honestly, though, I'm not going to write a word on Sunday because I'm going to a conference in Portland. So that's closer to 1,500 words a day. That's still less than my 1,667 words a day for NaNoWriMo in November. Like I said before, it's not whether I can, it's if I will.

Still, I get to buy myself a present because I met my goal this week. Yippee!

Oh, and what I wrote today was an alternate ending to the scene with Maureen from yesterday. I decided that she meets her tart before the sex strike. Charles is always asking me to write a scene with hot girl-on-girl action, so I did...well, tastefully. There's no oil or jello involved. Sorry, honey.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maureen's all bi

daily word count: 1,175
Weekly word count: 3,702
LSCS word count: 68,817

I've never written a gay character before, certainly not a lesbian, and certainly not a bisexual. I think Maureen's going to be a lot more interesting than I originally gave her credit for.

I've also come up with a silly plot that I might use for script frenzy. It's a comic send-up of Macbeth set in a retirement community.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Daily word count: 1,313
Weekly word count: 2,527
LSCTS word count: 67,642

I finally bit the bullet and wrote a sex scene! Hooray!

People who know me (or knew me back in the day) might be surprised to know that I've been embarrassed to write a sex scene. Well, I still am, even though what I wrote tonight is pretty tame on the grand scheme of sex-scenes. This is basically going to be the only sex in the novel, though, so it needs to be pretty good.

Well, "first draft of sex scene" can be crossed off my to do list. Editing and polishing comes later, after I hit 80K.


Film Credits

Someone was asking about where they could see the films I've worked on as a writer or otherwise. Here's a list, with thanks to Shaun Huston.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Back in the saddle

Daily word count: 1,214
Weekly: 1,214
LSCTS: 66,329

I'm still avoiding writing the sex scenes (don't know why) and the ending (b/c I'm still unsure how it ends), so I'm writing vignettes to go between the chapters. These will be episodes of Liz's talk show Spare Me hosted by her temporary replacement Maureen Bach.

This episode featured three women who suffered sexism and got revenge. Plus, Maureen is now going to have a love life, too. Fun!

In order to get to 80K by 2/28/09, I need to write 1,139 words a day...this includes weekends. This includes this weekend when I plan on going to a conference for a day. This means that I actually need to write more than 1,200 words a day.

It's not a question of "IF" I can, but "WILL I?"


Sunday, February 15, 2009

been too sick to write


This last week I have been too sick to write. Too sick to do much of anything by make snot, apparently.

I am well now, but I had to catch up on stuff tonight, so no writing. :( I have been working on the book by inserting the Cal/Nicolas plot into the book. I still need 15K to round out the book: this will probably be made up in the ending, which I'm still not happy with.

Will I make the 80K mark by 2/28? Not at this rate. I will start again tomorrow, and we'll see if i can do 15K in 12 days. I did it before during NaNo, so I can do it again.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

"...and her little naked friends"

Daily word count: 1,042
Weekly word count: 2,470
LSCTS word count: 65,115

What's worse than a sex-strike? A sex strike in a world populated by women who refuse to wear one scrap more clothing than is legal.

I've started an excel file to keep track of my characters b/c I keep adding them, and then I have to try to find them in the text if I want to use them again. Frustrating. I know that there are software tools out there that do this sort of thing. For example, I use Celtx for script writing and it has pages for characters, props, locations, etc. Very useful, and free. :)

I don't think I'm going to hit 5K this week. The family has been fighting the croup...well, in adults it's just a hacking cough. I'll probably get some writing in tomorrow, but I can't see myself cranking out 2,500 words. Oh well. That neat wallet will have to wait until next week.

Speaking of Celtx, I am planning on doing "Script Frenzy" which is NANOWRIMO for scriptwriters. It's in April. I'll have to change my goal from 5K a week to whatever is equivalent for scripts for that month.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Greetings to my motivation!

2/2 word count: 151
2/3 word count: 1,277
Weekly word count: 1,428
LSCTS word count: 64,073

Hi Chris, in case you're actually checking up on me (and I hope you do).

It took me two days to recover from the party you and Julie threw on Saturday, which is a really, really lame excuse for not writing on Sunday and for the paltry, anemic 151 words I managed on Monday. But, I'm back on the horse tonight!

I've remedied the obstacle that faced poor Cal and Nicolas, and at the same time showed that (1) love reduces even seasoned adults to 14-year-olds and (2) established Liz's negotiating skills, which she'll need when she goes to the Middle East.

Well, she'll need more than that kind of negotiating for the Sheiks of Mesopotamianstan, but whatever. It's a comic novel.

In other news: I've decided that a weekly present for completing my goal would also be a good motivator. My prize for the next time I make 5,000 words in one week: a flat wallet in the WOU bookstore I've been eyeing for weeks. It's cheap, but frivolous. Perfect.