Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapter 7 revised--Excerpt


I now have 150 pages of Draft #2 done. In this chapter, Liz's friend Maureen helps repel a man sent to tempt her. Plus, I've included the lesbian sex scene I promised my husband.

Hey, gay women have sex, too, you know.

(I hate to think about the search-engine traffic I'm generating here.)

Interestingly, this is pretty much the only sex in the first half of the book. It is a book about a sex strike, so that shouldn't be too surprising. There is more sex later in the book, I promise.

What's that ? You say you want an except? Okay.


Liz peeked from behind the curtain. In front of her stood a crowd of thousands of horny women who had given up sex to show support for her effort to end the war. They expected her to say something that could keep them from going to bed with their husbands or lovers (or both) until the war was over. But Liz kept thinking about that...that...MAN who was currently in her room on the bus waiting for her, she supposed as she left him...naked and half-crazy with desire. Honestly, she didn’t know whether she was going back to him once she was done with the crowd. What could she say to those women to keep them on track if she wasn’t able to even contain herself?

She slumped on a folding chair and flipped through the note cards, not reading them. She was thinking of Dion’s floppy hair, his sexy sunglasses, his lopsided grin, what his c**k must look like. She sighed and swore.


Sorry for the **. I can spell things out in the book.


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