Monday, January 30, 2012

Launch ideas for "Liz A. Stratton" and FREE book

I have just ordered a proof copy of Liz A. Stratton Closes the Store from, and it will be here in a week. It will be fun to see the manuscript in book form! Once I decide the proof is up to snuff, I'll figure out when I can make it available to the masses.

One thing I have to decide is how to handle the "launch."  Book launches can be tricky things. In order to play the game correctly, one has to create enough buzz before the book comes out so that everyone goes to ideally at the same time on the same day to buy the book so it rockets high up in the Amazon "rankings" for the book's category. This, in theory, will help create more buzz for the book, and will probably make the title easier for consumers to find when they search Amazon.

Do any of you have ideas for effective book launches? I would be very grateful for some advice.

In fact, I will give a copy of LSCTS (in any one format, print or electronic) to anyone whose idea I use to launch the book. (Yes, giveaways are launch strategies, but I could use some giveaway ideas, too).

Thank you in advance!


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Kenny said...

Radio seems to be a really good format for books and readers. You should try to get OPB/NPR to interview you about the book. I'm sure they'd be interested to hear about your diverse interests. Additionally, you can pitch it to them as an independent author/publisher and how you've used the internet to promote your book.

If nothing else, have Charles or one of your friends do an interview with you about the book (and your interests, publishing, etc.) and record it to post as a podcast.

Good luck!

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