Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Awaiting first edits on "Fuzzy Logic" #writing

The Acquisitions Editor at Black Opal Books (BOB) told me last weekend that Fuzzy Logic is on the desk of the editor for first round edits. I had two reactions pretty much simultaneously:

1) Huzzah!
2) Holy crap!

The first reaction is self-explanatory, but I'll explain it, anyway. I've been waiting for edits since I signed the contract in August. Now, I know that eight months is not long in Traditional Publishing time, but it is an eternity in New Author time. I caught myself several times imagining that my manuscript had fallen behind a book case, or maybe caught on fire, or was perhaps so horrible that the editor had refused to work on it.

None of these (except the last, perhaps) were really possible since BOB had an e-copy of the manuscript. However, when my children were born, I have acquired worry-wort superpowers that rival only my mother's. Mostly I keep them in check so my kids can have normal lives. However, sometimes I would slide into this worry slip-n-slide/spiral when thinking about the book.

The second reaction occurred when it sunk in that now someone with an opinion was going to tell me what is wrong with the book. Of course, I KNOW that there is stuff wrong with my book. I can list about ten things I'm planning on changing as soon as I get the edits in my hot little hands. However, someone with a valid opinion is going to critique my book, and I'm going to have make changes.

I've been able to take criticism for a good ten years now, but the young writer who equates someone liking my story with liking ME, she still lurks in my deepest heart of hearts. Silly young writer. Get back into your shame box and stay there.

So, now it's back to waiting. However, I'm sure that I won't need to wait another eight months.


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