Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hooray! I'm working again!

Finally some work on Chapter 2!

Also, my dear friends (Reader 2--R2-- and Reader 3--R3)now have copies of Chapter 1. There is no motivator like a friend asking, "So, when's the next chapter coming?" Plus, R2 and R3 are both girls who either write or like reading the for-girl genre, or both. They will be members of the target audience, in other words. R1 can't claim that, though he holds me to standards above those of said genre.

In short: I have two more first readers who have manuscript now! One small step, etc., etc.

AND, I found time to work on the second draft of Chapter 2. I may even find time later today to work on it more. Bliss.


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Anonymous said...

If R3 is also colorblind, he can't be trusted. ;o)


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