Friday, August 26, 2011

Another thank-you

Last week, I wrote about why I am self-publishing my writing and listed a few sources of inspiration.

Weirdly, I forgot to mention the conversation I had that actually inspired me to take this leap; that conversation was with Scott William Carter.

Scott and I work at the same college--he performs daily miracles with educational technology, and I teach writing and literature to freshmen, mostly online. Eventually, I realized he was a writer an took him out to lunch to pick his brain. He gave me great advice, including attenting Dean Wesley Smith's class on the Oregon coast.

Earlier this summer, I went to a BBQ at Scott's place. He, my computer-programmer husband and I had a conversation about online/self-publishing. Scott and Dean Wesley Smith are going to teach a class on how to publish stuff online in October 2011.

As I listened to Scott describe the class, I kept thinking, "I can do that. I can do that. I can even do that!" This culminated in the realization: "Wait--I can DO that!"

So, I need to send a great bit, belated "Thank you!" to Scott William Carter making me realize that, yes, I can do this.

I promise I won't even blame him if I end up going down in spectacular flames.

Perhaps he'll bring the marshmallows to the roast.


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