Monday, August 22, 2011

"Liz A. Stratton Closes the Store" to be published serially!

You may have noticed that I have entered the world of self-publishing during the past couple weeks. I have several reasons why I have chosen to do so, some of which are:
  • I have close to 20 years’ worth of stories sitting in drawers not earning me money
  • I have several stories which have been sent to magazine publishers from whom I have never heard back (so, technically I’m not supposed to submit them elsewhere)
  • I have a short novel that I really believe is funny and a good read, which is not getting much attention from traditional publishers
  • I’m a nerd who likes technology.

In addition, I read blogs and listen to podcasts like these that convinced me:

Now, I don’t really want to enter into to the debate of whether or not self-publishing, electronic or paper, is something everyone should do, but for me it came down to this: I have writing that could be making me money, but is not because no one has access to it.

Enter and

The two stories I posted online first were experiments. They are two of the best stories I have, and I intend on continuing to publish my backlog until I am out of stories that do not embarrass me.

However, I am also moving on to bigger projects. First, is my novel Liz A. Stratton Closes the Store. It’s the story of a talk show host who runs for President but then accidentally calls a sex-strike to end a war. It’s an adaptation of Lysistrata, an ancient Greek play that introduced the world to the sex-strike. It’s a fun read.

I am going to serially publish this novel on this blog,, and one chapter at a time. Every Saturday beginning August 27, 2011, I will post a chapter that will be free for one week (except for chapter one…that will always be free) on and The blog posts will also always be free.

The entire e-book is available for purchase from, for $2.99, and will be available on Create Space soon for those who want a printed page to read.

I will announce on my Facebook page, Google+, and on Twitter when each chapter is posted. Please help me out by “Sharing” these announcements or otherwise forwarding them to your circles of friends. I’m relying mostly on word of mouth to get people to read my work.

I hope you all enjoy Liz A. Stratton Closes the Store.


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