Tuesday, October 16, 2012

T-minus one week to the reading

Today is the first reading in the Starving Artists series at Western Oregon University. I am going to see Miriam Gershow read today.

Next week, October 23, it's my turn.

I had a dream a week ago that Kate Ristau introduced me. I stood, walked to the podium and opened my book...to find that there were no words, only gobbledeegook printed in red letters. As Kate valiantly stalled for me, I turned page after page, looking for any readable words as the audience became more and more restless.

At least I am guaranteed to not have that problem--in this universe, printed words don't change.

I do have a fear of a too-lightly attended reading. My husband has agreed to be there, and so have my parents. I'm giving my students extra credit to show up. Beyond that, who knows?

I suppose if no one shows up, I can't embarrass myself too much.

I am practicing reading my passage, but I think what will help most is watching Miriam read today. I like having models to follow when I am doing something unfamiliar.

By the way, I am going to post a recording of me reading to my website, either in front of the audience or one of my practice sessions, after the reading.

Plus, I'm going to have a copy of a short story available for people who come to the reading.

Plus plus plus, I am going to talk about my journey to self-publishing at the reading.

I hope to see you there today and next week!

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