Monday, March 2, 2009

a better ending

daily word count: 1,560
Weekly : 1,560
LSCTS count: 73,489

Okay, I like this new ending lots better than the original. I actually have a resolution, and naked girls, and angry sheiks. Lots of fun.

I got a huge stack of papers to grade on Thursday, and for some reason, I decided to tackle them before I got to writing. I should have known that it was futile to try to grade them all over one weekend, but I forget every term how long it takes to grade them. I also had a bird emergency that took up Saturday night. Every birdy is okay now, but it didn't look good there for a long time.

So, I didn't make my 5K goal last week, and I didn't make my 80K goal for February. Oh well. What is the point of making goals that are easy to make, right? I'll hit 80K soon enough, and then I'll get to editing this puppy. Then it will suddenly be April and I'll be neck-deep in Script Frenzy, and LSCTS will have to sit for a month. That will probably be a good thing.

Off to bed to dream of nude runway models mingling with heads of state. What fun.

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