Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have a generous offer to read the first three chapters of my book from a friend I really respect and admire, so I am leaving off the end of the book to give those chapters a quick edit.

A cursory glace tells me that I probably need to get to the meat of the book--the sex strike--before page 50, where it now sits. This is partly because my friend only committed to read thirty pages, and I really want him to get a feel for the main part of the book. I can't see myself editing/moving that section a full twenty pages, but we'll see. Maybe he'll agree to fifty pages. It depends on how much he feels he owes me for a read of his poetry manuscript a year ago.

Another thing squelching my writing is grading. ugh. It's the beginning of finals week, and I am already buried under papers. I've made good progress, but it sucks the life out of me...or at least kills my creative energies.

Finally, Script Frenzy is approaching fast and it has that "new project" smell to it. All I want to do is to write a beat sheet for the ideas I have for screenplays. I think I'll just give a portion of Spring Break to it, though Spring Break for teachers in the quarter system is simply five days to submit final grades prepare for the next quarter...not like there will be oodles of spare time.

At least the personal dramas have quieted. Most everything is fine and well in the world, finally.


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