Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well, despite the excuses, I have managed another 10 pp. since my last whiny post.

Part of my problem, I think, is that I have been following a diagram for plot development, and I was depressed that I was a few pages off.


Fortunately, Mr. King, among others, reminded me that story, not plot, is what's important. Yes, there is a difference. Story is the narrative. Plot simply diagrams the ac. It is dumb of me to get upset when the organic story decides to stray a bit from the dead line of the plot. It's like trying to dig your way through a mountain on a hike instead of just walking around it just because the map says the mountain isn't there.

So, I'm just letting the characters loose. I have written a loose synopsis of what I thought would happen before I started the screenplay, but I have already strayed from it, and I don't care. I think what I've written is a little truer and more interesting than what I scribbled down days before Screnzy started.

I'm still a little ahead of the curve, but I've slowed down considerably from my first frantic days of writing. That's what happen to me during NaNo, too.

Oh, yeah...happy Easter!

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