Monday, April 13, 2009

54 pages

When you let the characters drive the story, you end up writing scenes you didn't know you needed to.

Example: who knew a lover's quarrel could be mended while two people are in the bodies of dogs? I didn't know until just now. I have always told my students that they can/will learn as they write, but I didn't mean it exactly this way. :)

Stand By Me was playing at the gym this morning, and it got me thinking about Stephen King and how wise he is. I'm thinking I need to read some of his non-horror short stories, like "The Body," the story that movie is based on.

Tomorrow, I'll have crossed the midpoint of the screenplay. I can let my bad guys go bananas. I've named my bad guy after the bully on the Simpsons--Nelson. Ha-ha!


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