Monday, February 16, 2009

Back in the saddle

Daily word count: 1,214
Weekly: 1,214
LSCTS: 66,329

I'm still avoiding writing the sex scenes (don't know why) and the ending (b/c I'm still unsure how it ends), so I'm writing vignettes to go between the chapters. These will be episodes of Liz's talk show Spare Me hosted by her temporary replacement Maureen Bach.

This episode featured three women who suffered sexism and got revenge. Plus, Maureen is now going to have a love life, too. Fun!

In order to get to 80K by 2/28/09, I need to write 1,139 words a day...this includes weekends. This includes this weekend when I plan on going to a conference for a day. This means that I actually need to write more than 1,200 words a day.

It's not a question of "IF" I can, but "WILL I?"


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