Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Greetings to my motivation!

2/2 word count: 151
2/3 word count: 1,277
Weekly word count: 1,428
LSCTS word count: 64,073

Hi Chris, in case you're actually checking up on me (and I hope you do).

It took me two days to recover from the party you and Julie threw on Saturday, which is a really, really lame excuse for not writing on Sunday and for the paltry, anemic 151 words I managed on Monday. But, I'm back on the horse tonight!

I've remedied the obstacle that faced poor Cal and Nicolas, and at the same time showed that (1) love reduces even seasoned adults to 14-year-olds and (2) established Liz's negotiating skills, which she'll need when she goes to the Middle East.

Well, she'll need more than that kind of negotiating for the Sheiks of Mesopotamianstan, but whatever. It's a comic novel.

In other news: I've decided that a weekly present for completing my goal would also be a good motivator. My prize for the next time I make 5,000 words in one week: a flat wallet in the WOU bookstore I've been eyeing for weeks. It's cheap, but frivolous. Perfect.


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