Thursday, February 5, 2009

"...and her little naked friends"

Daily word count: 1,042
Weekly word count: 2,470
LSCTS word count: 65,115

What's worse than a sex-strike? A sex strike in a world populated by women who refuse to wear one scrap more clothing than is legal.

I've started an excel file to keep track of my characters b/c I keep adding them, and then I have to try to find them in the text if I want to use them again. Frustrating. I know that there are software tools out there that do this sort of thing. For example, I use Celtx for script writing and it has pages for characters, props, locations, etc. Very useful, and free. :)

I don't think I'm going to hit 5K this week. The family has been fighting the croup...well, in adults it's just a hacking cough. I'll probably get some writing in tomorrow, but I can't see myself cranking out 2,500 words. Oh well. That neat wallet will have to wait until next week.

Speaking of Celtx, I am planning on doing "Script Frenzy" which is NANOWRIMO for scriptwriters. It's in April. I'll have to change my goal from 5K a week to whatever is equivalent for scripts for that month.


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