Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cal confronts her ex

Daily word count: 1,055
Weekly word count: 2,061

Cal gets to confront her ex at a rally because he's the environmental policy counsel for the Democrats. She's mostly terrified during the encounter, but manages to get through it and parse it later on. This ought to free her up for a relationship that I've imagined for her later in the book.

One thing I like about these characters is that all of them are strong women who are still vulnerable on the inside. As Dr. Elliot Reid says on Scrubs, "Every woman still has that self-conscious teenage girl inside her." I watch too much TV. :)

Tomorrow, I'll have coffee with a writer friend who's been published...multiple times! It's tempting to squeeze all the information he has about publishing and agents, etc., out of him, but I don't really need that now. I need a writer friend to commiserate with. It'll be fun.


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