Sunday, January 4, 2009

Playoffs foil me

daily word count : 1,162
weekly word count: 2,272

I've decided that my "week" will be counted from Sunday to Saturday, so that I may plan on spending Friday and Saturday nights not writing, but watching Netflix with my husband (This week was Throne of Blood by Kurosawa, a Japanese Samurai version of Macbeth. Awesome in so many ways).

I'm seeing that my plans may be further complicated by the fact that football playoffs are going on right now, and I feel compelled to watch them. This is true even though I don't have a personal investment in any team that made it to the playoffs this year, positive or negative.

In Closes the Store, Liz and company have figured out some preposterous way to end the conflict in the Middle East that doesn't involve wife-swapping. Actually, I have to finalize what they are doing, but I think that's best done by sleeping on it.

School starts tomorrow, though I don't start teaching classes until Tuesday. I was able to write 1,667 words a day during Nano, even with papers to grade. I know I'll be tempted to fudge on writing during the quarter, but if I can do it during Thanksgiving, I can do it now.

Yay, pep talk!

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